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We're almost there Charlie, it's right at the end of this...oh my god it's a whale! No whale! ......Just a few´╗┐ more steps and we'll...oh my god it's a narwal! No narwal! Narwal of death! It's gonna kill us!

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Franky: HI!! my name is Franky! im gay and if you dont like that well i dont give a crap i hav a life that id rather not tell ya'll unless i rele trust you so im just gonna tell you wat im like! i was born in Canada im very sencitive i will ask for a hug from my best friends, my favorite bands are AFI, maralyn manson, papa roach, mindless self indulgence, slipnkot, three days grace, coheed and cambria, ACDC, the who, guns and roses, alesana, metalica, suicidal tendances(i can't spell worth crap) and lots of other stuff that people debate on wether it's music or mindless, deadly screaming! i love it!!!! and my favorite shows are Full Metal Alchemist, Dexter, Ghost In The Shell, Bleach, Death Note, Blood Plus, Inuyasha and i hav a couple of nicknames they are To, Franky Bear, Frankyky, Frankisi, Frank-kun, Franky-chan, Franky-san, Franky-sama, Franky-nii, and Gerorge i'm bi polor and people say i'm like a 5 year old inside a 90 year olds body (psst! just so you know! i'm not 90! i'll let you guess my age ^^) and i get sad sorda esaly i can read something a little bit sad and i'll start crying and my new sister (were not related at all but our parents got married) ish Nataly (dreadXtoXbeXdifferent) and shes my bestest friend so if you mess with her i'll kill you and i LOVE YAOI!!!!!! and i'm usally a sweet guy but wen you mess with my friends i'll fukking mess with your god damn face! and i'm a vegan and i love veggie tacos, there so yummy so are gummi bears and chocolate bubble gum slushys! ^^ and yes! that is me in that picture! my bestest buddys in real life are Mike (emoXpanda), and Ian (XthisXisXianX) i get told that ethier i'm an idiot or that i will all ways hav my head in the clouds (i dont rele know how i would hav my head in the clouds cuz i'm afraid of hights) i hate lables but i get labled often as a cheerfull emo (i dont know if there is such a thing as a 'cheerfull emo') and well thats all i can cumz up with right now so you can message me to know moar about me or to tell me that i'm an idiot i dont mind i would luffles to hear from yall!! ^^ Allister:.......lets just leave it at i'm nothing like Franky...

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