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The summer sky was bright, and tender, You and I were friends remember? We both sat down under a willow tree, Oh how much friends we could ever be, Who am I and who are you? You are my heart straight from the start...

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Hello It's Elizabeth :) Or Just Lizzy , or Eliza haha :P Im British, accent included :P I love my twin sister Alexa, And cousins Zain and Amira :) But not Roni! haha jk :) Im 16 now :D Birthdays Febuary 1st ...I love reading and writing poetry , horseback riding and art :D Oh and I'm Vegetarian! :D Message me if you like :3

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poems Crush
Published in Poems on 02/02/2012
polls could we be friends? Msg me? :)
Published in Polls on 01/07/2012


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February 28, 2012

Fine fine FINE I just dont care anymore.

I really don't. Why should I be sad? I didn't do anything so whatever! -__- Omg ALL guys are the same seriously -.-
I didn't post pictures in a while so, here I go x3
DONT LAUGH XD Ima hobo ahah
SEE? Just because I have a british accent, doesnt make me miss tea party royale girl or something! XD Haha I really want to make Alexa an acount, but I keep forgetting xP
Bye loves x3

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Sep 17th, 2014

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