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CURRENTLY IN MOVING PROCESS! This account will be no longer active. Check out my new account, 'KasukaNaKaori'! After I finish moving, this account will be deleted. I love you all ♥

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XiiChanNyu (Noun): 1. Chilean living being that loves Anime, Manga, Drawing, Roleplaying, Cute stuff and Writing. Electro-Pop/Techno Freak. Complete fangirl. Can be rather perverted. Almost-obsessed with the Japanese Electro-Pop unit Perfume. Coelakanth lover. Can be oftenly found on the computer on the internet or playing The Sims 3. NEVER found studying or doing homework, unless she is obliged to. Proudly married to her husbando Hayashimayn. Synonyms: Ximena-Chan, Ximena, Xime, Xii.

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Well, this entry goes mainly because I want to make an announcement, that I've thought that I had to make, because I've realized I'm taking WAY TOO much on replying my roleplays.

And I have to mention that I will keep taking a while, because... well. The thing is that I'm on a contest, and that's my main priority right now. In my entry, I have two of six drabbles done. I'm making the third, but the roleplays are making me go slow.

(Yes. I have problems organizing myself. And I hate that trait of mine.)

The thing is... DON'T WORRY. You will get your reply ASAP.
Maybe I'll keep the roleplays on Stand-by, but I still have to see that. In case I'm going to do that, don't worry. I'll tell you.

I hope everyone understood~
See ya~


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