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Hex Me Told Her I Dreamt of a Devil That Knew Her Pale White Skin with Strawberry Gashes All Over~

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Hey! My primary account is XoXStrawberryGashesXoX, and I write WWYFFs on that one, and stories here. So... go there to learn more about me!

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stories Faked It {*Death Note*} ~For MollyxMarshmallow~
Published in Stories on 09/12/2011
stories Lovable Yet Idiotic {*Death Note*} ~For Skradinzciey~
Published in Stories on 09/08/2011
quizzes One-Shots, Anyone?
Published in Quizzes on 09/07/2011
polls Which is Your Favorite Pic for My OC Evelyn?
Published in Polls on 09/06/2011


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September 7, 2011


Hey there! So, you're either here because of my quiz, or you're just checking out my profile, but either way if you want a one-shot here's the information I'll be needing:

FanFic or Original?:
If FanFic, show/book/movie:
Love interest:
If Original, Love interest's looks:
Do you have a story in mind, or do you want me to make it up?:

Okay, go ahead and fill that out. If you took my quiz, you know what shows, books and movies I can do. It never hurts to ask for one I didn't mention, though! And if you do so happen to want an original one-shot, it would be helpful if you did give me some sort of storyline.
Important: I can only do one or two one-shots per week. I will give you some sort of timeline when you message me.


Love and happiness are simply the lack of shadows in an otherwise dark place~
Strawberry Gashes


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