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heyyy ask me for my number and i'll give it to you ;]]

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Jun 18th, 2008
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Okay guys, I love it when you message me but PLEASE, I am begging you not to just say I'm hot or sexy or whatever. Say something else!!!!!!!!!!! Something weird, something interesting, a good topic for a conversation or else you guys will bore me to tears :'[ Also, I'm not into online relationships so please refrain from asking cause I will turn ya down as much as I would hate it. And don't ask me about myspace pretty please! Uh check out my shit cause I got pretty pics of me and a lovely would I date ya quiz that everyone seems to have... Moving on, my name is Damien and I'm a 16 year-old masochist, sadist, pessimist, and atheist. I am extremely sensitive yet apathetic. Even though I have an inferiority complex(no self-esteem) I am as shallow and vain and conceited as you're going to get.Oh, and I'm a vegan.Plus, I play the drums, occasionally do vocals,a nd write songs for the band I am in. And that's all I'll say cause I can't sit here and type my life. You'll just have to message me and get to know every beautiful thing about me :D Anyway, I've met a lot of nice peole on here and I love all of you guys

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poems Acceptance Is Murderr
Published in Poems on 01/13/2009
poems I Hate You
Published in Poems on 01/13/2009
poems More Than Friends
Published in Poems on 01/13/2009
poems Picture This
Published in Poems on 01/13/2009
poems A Hole In My Heart
Published in Poems on 01/13/2009


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August 24, 2008

Pretty Pics

20386500[1].jpg26819316[1].jpg20111001[1].jpgUm, okay first pic is me and Hayden goofing off third is Mimi and Hayden

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poems It Is Merely Misery Business 09/28/2008
poems He Does Love Her. 09/23/2008
poems Those Eyes 09/16/2008
poems Goodbye To Love 09/13/2008
poems Nightmare 09/09/2008

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