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I don't care what you call me, i'm still taking your cake ~ L (Death Note)

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My name is Sarah please ignore my profile name my best friend mad this account and gave it to me a week after she made it.if you were to label me i guess you'd say i'm Emo but i don't care for labels. I LOVE anime so much anime if i listed it you'd probably get bored, my interests are drawing, writing, skateboarding, poetry, and VIDEO GAMES ok thats all

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March 20, 2012

Hey Guys!!!

hey guys, sorry i haven't posted. I know i know i keep putting it off but i was working on outfits and i'm working on bedroom pictures so you guys can choose what you want. But then i didn't know i had to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out (my mom waited the day before surgery to tell me -_-) i still have stitches in my mouth and it still hurts a little but i'm gonna start creating thing for this wwyff so i'm sorry for putting it off, and guys i know i'm probaby boring you with this but please please please
i really need help with that because some of the pictures are tied so someon please be the tie breaker =D thank you

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