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Herro.My name is....and i LOVE music and art.My family and friends are what i care about most.Im somewhat shy but once i get to know someone im FAR from it.Well if yah gotz any questions just HMU. :D

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stories Alex :Twin Brother (Twincest)
Published in Stories on 06/16/2012
stories Adam: Your Best Friend
Published in Stories on 04/08/2012
stories Discontinued D:
Published in Stories on 02/21/2012
stories Two Rivals, One Closet, and a Secret Love Pt.4
Published in Stories on 01/16/2012
stories Two Rivals, 1 Closet, and a Secret Love Pt.3
Published in Stories on 01/13/2012


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January 16, 2012


Okies, it has been decided!BahDaDaDa :3 The title of my first Emo Heaven will be....wait for it.....wait for it...YOUNG WILD AND FREE! :D Oh and sorri bout the lack of updates and i will be doing some one-shots.So hit me up bout dhat.I do Emo Heaven one-shots and other types of love one-shots.Just give me a title and a name.If he/she isnt famous just tell me who he/she is to yuh like friend,bestie,enemy, etc. and yuh'll have yuhrself a love story.Imma attempt a slash or two maybe a couple twincests so keep yuhr guard up and message me with some advice or some suggestions or just some friendly stuff. :) Have a hella nice year. ~Jessi

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stories I ____ You 04/20/2012
poems Spray Paint. 03/21/2012
stories Did You Really Have to Leave Me? ~Chapter 1~ 03/12/2012
quizzes 7 minutes in heaven ;-P Aussie style !!! (girls only) 02/16/2012
stories Burn in Water, Drown in Fire ~5 02/11/2012

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