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Hey, hey peoples!! I re-made this account in a way. I still love to RP so message me away. Keima is my anime crush so, mine!! Warning I'm a huge perv that cusses... Just think of me as a female Hidan. I've been told over and over again; I bite. Haha, I'm not that bad... I think.

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April 26, 2012

I'm alive...

It seems as though I've come back to life... Been gone for about 6 months maybe longer but I'm back and I'm ready for the loneliness. It seems at of my friends have moved on and, hot damn, got popular!! It seems I have as well... Last time I saw it I was at 3,100 page views now I'm over 4,000!! Thanks.

I'm starting over. Going to delete a lot of stuff and just make a new name for myself!! Oh and you know how I had a cussing propblem well... I got that handled now XD
~ Feels weird being back...
~~ Yet lonely at the same time
~~~ Seren-Chan ♥

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