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February 5, 2012

Big News!

So I know I have been one of the worst author ever becuase I havent updated my Vampire Arrange Marriage Story and I am very sorry, I suck I know. The truth is that I am stuck with chapter 21 and I don't know how to start the chapter but I am trying my best.

I also wanted to tell you guys about my new story, 'Werewolves? You must be freaking kidding me! They don't exist...right?'. Many of you must remember my last werewolf story which I earse because I wasnt feeling it. I didnt know what the hell the chapters were going to be about so I started in a new one. This story is so different from a marriage story and sad story. Its an adventoures and passionate story which I hope many of you will like.

I am going to be focus on the werewolf story for this three to two weeks. I will be writing chapters for it, and not my vampire story, sorry. While I do the chapters I will try my hardest to get Chapter 21 by the end of Valentian's. I really hope I do becuase if I dont I will probably be one of the worst author's ever!

I really hope you read my stories and enjoy them!



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Peace and Love, XxxAnnairaWolfxxX

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