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more chapters of KH High School Days will be written soon, i've been busy preparing for school lately and doing other things on DeviantArt...

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i hope you're enjoying all my fanfics i've worked so hard on. after high school (which i have one more year left), i would like to major in creative writing in college and work with my best friend in manga! ^^ DeviantArt: HikariRose94 FanFiction: DMCAyano Email: or Twitter: JessiHikari TinierMe: Himeka10

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stories KH High School Days (Dark Side)
Published in Stories on 10/19/2012
stories KH High School Days (Addicted to the Night)
Published in Stories on 09/30/2012
stories KH High School Days (Love or Leave?)
Published in Stories on 08/04/2012
stories KH High School Days (Black Haired Savior)
Published in Stories on 07/07/2012
stories KH High School Days (You Only Live Once)
Published in Stories on 06/18/2012


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October 19, 2012

Sorry for being unactive...

...i've been insanely busy with school and getting ready fo Anime Crossroads.

if you want to follow me on DA for faster updates, go right ahead. i'm HikariRose94 on DA. i'motly known for the story and my amazing Vampire Knight OC, Hikari Rose-Hio. i also roleplay but i will ignore anything inappropriate because doing online, is REALLY uncalled for and the person should REALLY get a life.

anyways, i'm just going to be updating everyonce ina while. right now i'm busy getting my Ouran HSHC Haruhi cosplay. i have to start over after i got scammed on i'm also waiting for my wig from them but that can be fixed too. but i have buy a blazer that's the same color of the uniform jacket and attach the patch on it.

also i have High School Graduation coming up really fast and it's REALLY expensive. i have to pay $261.80, that includes cap, gown, and tasel.

so until next update, see yah soon..


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