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♥[Function of account -Roleplays~ xD] ♥~ Thankies sooooo much for 71k+ views x3 [Template does not belong to me~]

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♥~|[Roleplay Status:|Slow!~ - ♥|♥ Working on: | | XOForeverYours1OX | Yuichirou |-||-||-| OC information working on: ♥~ | [None]

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October 7, 2012

✿ | Attention for all~

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[Information For Roleplayers or just in general]:

Monday - Wednesday & Friday:
✿ I have school on these days :) And plus I have homework/Projects and assignments to do. During these days I will be most busy but hope that my roleplayers will understand. Plus I have a life outside quizilla and intend to live it to the best of my ability~

✿ Work Experience day! I will be gone most of the day to work :p

Saturday & Sunday:
✿ The weekend. It depends every week for me haha But I should have some time to answer roleplays.


Roleplayers/Status [If any~]:

Sasukelove12 - Naruto Roleplay

✿ DayDreamer2012 - Arranged Marriage Roleplay [Sent]

✿ EerieShade - X-Men First Class Roleplay [Working on that at the minute~ Will be sent next]

✿ SykoKaty - Young Justice Roleplay [Sent today. God I miss roleplaying with you!8D]

✿ kawaiiNeKoCHiBi - DemonXGoddess Roleplay

✿ xoxBattleAngel - Young Justice Roleplay [Finally sent back the responce yesterday haha :D ]

✿ TouchySubject - Supernatural Roleplay

✿ MightBeFatex - Ouran High School Host Club

✿ Gyrlass - Skyrim Roleplay

✿ DarkAngel1930 - Pokemon Black & White Roleplay

✿ TsuFishy - Stalker!KHR Roleplay [Sent this morning xD]

✿ Cyrandis - Teen Titans Roleplay [Need to work on this~]


I appreciate any messages :3

Until next time~



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Sep 22nd, 2014

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