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Sarcastic, bitter, baseball bat wielding anime fanatic extraordinaire--That's how she starts a resume

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Name: Shia (or Shori, or Nee-san) Age: 18 Likes: Anime (derp) Manga, drawing, cosplaying, writing fanfics and such Dislikes: Your mom, spicy foods, loss of plot bunnies, and anything mathematical.

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August 29, 2011

Shall we begin?


MOOD: Dandy
LISTENING TO: Complication - Rookiez is Punk'd
READING: Alice 19th
WATCHING: Tobuscus playing Fallout
Gakuen Hetalia Portable
EATING: Apple Honey Stick
DRINKING: Iced Coffee

HIYA! Hows it going?
I'm pretty dandy myself because i'm moving into my dorm today for college~
So that should be interesting.

As far as my stories and drabbles are concerned on here:

The "My Cup Of Tea" England story is getting there. I'm very close to being done with chapter two so I'll work on that alittle more this week and post it asap/

The Hetalia drabbles are going to be updated soon because I have the next one all written and what not but I just need to fix the spelling errors and post it up~ I'll try and do that tomorrow or Wednesday.

I'm also considering writing a Durarara!! story so look out for that.


I'm doing comissions!! The pricing and guidelines are all up on my journal there so if you're intested, message me on there!

Heres the link:

And thats it!



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Jul 13th, 2014

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