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I love literature!!And music!!

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Hi,I am Madhu,I am this weird nocturnal,crazy girl from India who is in love with literature.I'm 15,and I love classics.Amng contemporary lit,I really like Harry Potter and Hunger Games ...not that much into Twilight any more....My favourite band is One Direction,I love music.Specially rock,R&B and country,too.And I totally love Zayn Malik..he's mine!!!! I have this crazy attraction to black,darkness,the sea and the stars.My BFF is writing.

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stories Because Life Really Is Worth Living(Edward Cullen) (Epilogue)
Published in Stories on 06/10/2011


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September 2, 2011


Now that the mid-terms are over, I can concentrate on my writing once more!!!

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Aug 23rd, 2014

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