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We're chasing stars to lose a shadow. Peter Pan and Wendy turned out fine so wont you fly with me

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Emily not Alex. Alex is my middle name. 16. Not to brag but im pretty legit B) Im flirty, weird, funny, sensitive, and spontaneous, so dont be afraid to hit me up ;)

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stories A Little Disney Tale
Published in Stories on 12/22/2012
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Published in Quizzes on 12/18/2012
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Published in Stories on 09/28/2012
stories We Are Young Shuffle Survey
Published in Stories on 09/28/2012
stories Day 4: Seven things that cross your mind a lot
Published in Stories on 09/23/2012


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December 22, 2012


Im thinking about dying my hair again but im not sure what color i should. Any suggestions?

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Sep 22nd, 2014

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stories Accurate Personality Test 12/17/2012
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