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Don't let the squirrels and seagulls win.

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I'm 19 and I'm a bit shy and extremely weird. I love writing and reading. If you have any other questions you could ask me here or you could be totally awesome and ask me here: I love answering questions there. Especially if they're interesting.

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stories Rough Draft of The Ribbon.
Published in Stories on 12/30/2012
stories Starless Nights. (New Edited Version)
Published in Stories on 06/20/2012
stories Where Nature Rules (chapter two)
Published in Stories on 01/30/2012
stories Where Nature Rules
Published in Stories on 12/31/2011
stories What They Think Of Michaela Seymour.
Published in Stories on 08/30/2011


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June 4, 2013


For years now I've let it go. I've decided not to let it bother me but bothers me. Why don't you let me add or remove friends Quizilla? I don't understand it! It's really frustarting too because I just have profiles that have been dead for two years still hanging around on my friends list for no reason at all! And then theres the fact that there are some new friends that I would like to add (at least 3) and I haven't been able to because you're stupid Quizilla!! D:< You anger me Quizilla!!!

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Sep 22nd, 2014

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quizzes Who will you fall for (The Second Eve) 1 06/08/2013
quizzes ☾Meteoris☽ WWYFF [01] 06/07/2013
quizzes Which Psychic are you? 06/03/2013
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quizzes The Seige of Caeron 3 09/25/2012

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