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SEO Copywriting Tips to Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

The method of writing web content in such a way that it is appealing to the reader as well as compatible with the search engines, is known as SEO copywriting or copywriting for the search engines. "Search engine copywriting" is another term for this writing method. So why should you use SEO copywriting? It's to rank high for your chosen keywords and then convert the traffic by offering the visitors valuable content. Lots of folks think this is "pulling the wool over the eyes" of the search engines, deliberately manipulating them. SEO copywriting is a way of creating a win-win situation; the art of creating quality content which provides the best value for the reader.

Mastering SEO copywriting gives you the power to rank highly with your targeted keywords and maintain that rank for a long time; a valuable skill for internet marketing. The best approach is to give your visitors and the search engines what they want, direct and honest content; trying to trick search engines and using less-than-honest methods will not benefit you in the eyes of your customers. In this article we will be discussing a few SEO copywriting tips that can help you get started.

Properly choosing when and where to use keywords is one of the most important aspects of SEO copywriting. High search engine page rankings will only occur when you devote ample time to finding the proper keywords and keyword phrases. One mistake that a lot of people make is to throw the keywords in at the beginning, but you will get a better ranking if they are sprinkled all the way through the body of your text. Another mistake is to try to use too many keywords all at once - you should limit yourself to two or three keywords or phrases for each article or item. On top of this, remember to consider the frequency with which you will be employing the keywords in your writing. Well, many marketers believe that the optimal keyword density for your content should be 3%. If you have a little more or a little less than 3%, don't sweat it. It is simply a guideline to help you maintain the appropriate keyword density. Just keep in mind that your copy is not just for the search engines, but it's also going to be read by people - it has to sell. You won't do your copy any favors by trying to shoehorn in keywords that make it jarring and unnatural. So, do try to maintain the keyword frequency when you're writing your copy, but don't be too stringent in your approach. If you don't want to sit there and count your keywords, there are tools available for free use online that can check your keyword density for you.

It helps to have a full understanding of the subject or theme of the website and what the focus or goal is overall. As with any other type of good writing, you should know your audience and have an understanding of what they would want to read. You can't use the correct keywords in your copy until you know who your target audience is. Then all you have to do is place your keywords within the body of your text and title to create interesting and effective copy. Lets take a look at an example and say that you deal with Search Engine Optimization; if so choose keywords related to SEO. You also need to have enough SEO copy so that the search engines can find you. Each page needs to have a sufficient amount of text in order for your optimization to be truly effective - you can just have one or two little paragraphs. Ideally, the engines need at least 300-500 words per page in order to accurately analyze your keywords and to understand the relevancy of your overall site.

Last but not the least; avoid one of the most common mistakes of SEO copywriting, which is excessive use of your keywords. There are those who firmly believe that content with proficient keyword density will provide you with laudable results. But when you overdo this, your content loses that authentic touch and becomes hard to read. Another reason not to overuse keywords is that you run the risk of being charged by search engines with spamming, for which there are penalties. copywriter

Posted at 12:17 AM EST on Friday, July 12, 2013


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