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Latest Journal Entry

April 2, 2012

I am such a b;tch.

As much as I want to say that I had just woken up from my six month long comma or I have cancer and I can't stay with you guys for long, or maybe my laptop died and all my files, stories or not, or whatever lame excuse you can come up for me, I can't, and won't.

Truth is, I grew tired of this. This immaturity, or whatever shizz you can find here in quizilla.

Do you really need an explanation? Of course not. All I left hanging here were 'Reset' readers, which I guess were not much, for I was just starting with it. (Oh, and requesters too.)

But fvck, who the hell cares? Certainly not me. You can just go and forget about this sh;tty bitterchestnut who was a lame fic writer. I'm just another person who just comes and goes by your life.

Well anyway, for your entertainment, here's your freaking explanation.

I found my escape. (As much as how cheesy and chummy that sounds, that's the shortest way I can say it to you.)

Well, nice meeting you, friend.

I was just fooling you. I enjoyed writing my fics, really. And I also took pleasure in making friends with you guys. Not. I don't even know why I stayed for too long in this sh;tty place. Ugh.

I was just fooling myself. I didn't like anime. When I see anime nowadays, I ask myself why the heck did I like these boob-filled not-so-humorous try hard animated shows.

All are just lies.


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Sep 17th, 2014

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