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Right now I don't take oneshot requests unless I know you and like you, so no random requests please~

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Hi, my name's Sarah and I don't really use this site very often any more, so don't expect more than the occasional oneshot. I just don't have the time for writing any more~ :C

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stories Wrong. {a Reno one-shot}
Published in Stories on 03/22/2011
quizzes Hellsing seven minutes in heaven. (Male characters and long results. Enjoy!)
Published in Quizzes on 02/01/2011
stories Hayate Gekkou oneshot for ToraKetsueki.
Published in Stories on 04/07/2009
stories Sasori oneshot for XxAktsukixX22.
Published in Stories on 02/22/2009
stories Change. (A Genesis Rhapsodos oneshot.)
Published in Stories on 02/14/2009


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December 31, 2010

HEY HI HELLO, did you miss me?

Well, I'm back.

Or something.

I've deleted all the stories that I'm never going to finish, so from now on I'm a quizzes and oneshots only sort of girl. Expect some 'seven minutes in heaven's and silly romantic drabbles, because really, that's all I'm good for.

If anyone cares about me: I have college, work and a boyfriend to juggle so I'm busy. Very busy. I dout I'll be updating as much as I used to because I have far more important things to worry about, but I'll try my best not to abandon this site again.

That is all.


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Sep 18th, 2014

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stories Gateway Of The Mind 05/02/2011
quizzes What is your deepest fear? 04/10/2011
quizzes Hellsing 30 minutes in heaven 03/30/2011
stories How to Write a Good 7 Minutes in Heaven Quiz 09/28/2010
quizzes What would you be in a band? 11/04/2009

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