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☠You don't have to like me, I wasn't put on Earth to please everyone.☠

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My name is Taylor, I'm 17, I'm a junior in high school. (11th grade.) I'm a goth/deep dark depressing loner girl! hehe. I'm sensitive, and single as fuck. I love music! And music never judges me. So message me. (((‿◕))

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May 23, 2012

Hello People!

Hey you guys! Sorry for me not creating any new journals these past weeks, I just have alot going on for me right now. Which is both a good and bad thing, and I've been depressed too. But right now I'm feeling a whole lot better, and I'm trying to be more positive because I'm almost done with 11th grade. Which means I have got one more year of school left, then I'm done! And I already know what college I wanna go to so I'm going to be talking to the admissions board soon to see if I'm qualified to be in that school. I hope I will be approved because I really want to meet people who have the same interests in art like I do. And every psychic I go to says I'm going to meet my soulmate in college, and if over three psychics tell me so it must be right. (All exact experence of meeting him.) So I can't wait for my life to finally begin. ;D My old boyfriend Matt also talked to me in school today, so maybe we'll start being close again but I don't know. Anyway I hope I can get more positive effects in my life to not let me be depressed again, but wish me luck! ;P

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