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I am a certifed Organization XIII Stalker. And a Zexion Cosplayer. Zexion is in Love with me.

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Me-"HOLY CRAP!" Damian-"Don't say that. There's no such thing as holy crap." Me-".........Holy sh-----" Damian-"NO!!!!!"

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stories Made a Website. Join or check it out?
Published in Stories on 10/08/2009
stories Your Guardian Angel {Byakuya} [Sequal to SASP] Chapter 12
Published in Stories on 09/24/2009
stories No stories out for awhile
Published in Stories on 08/22/2009
stories Your Guardian Angel {Byakuya} Ch. 11
Published in Stories on 08/06/2009
stories I wont {A KyoXYuki oneshot}
Published in Stories on 08/04/2009


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June 8, 2009


Ok people so a friend of mine started a site ( and its a place where you can talk about Bleach and stuff. You can also put up your Bleach One Shots! INCLUDING Lemons! They dont delete them. So you should totally join! I'll be posting Bleach one shots one there sometimes so you'll need to join to see them. If you do join, My name on there is WhiteLilyOfDeath so drop me a line! And thank IrishJammer for making the site!

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poems Hello, My Name Is Emo 10/12/2009
stories How to Annoy KH people: Roxas 04/05/2009
poems Russian Roulette 02/08/2009
stories The Door To My Heart - Tamaki x Hikaru - Yaoi One-shot 05/11/2008
stories Secret - Kyouya x Tamaki - Yaoi One-shot 05/11/2008

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