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Ignore me, I am the headine of uselessness... >_>

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Hey. The name's Hannah but you can also call me candy, if you are not afraid of being cursed with cavities. I enjoy watching anime (which influences what I write) some notable animes I enjoy are naruto, prince of tennis, inuyasha, vampire knight, death note, soul eater, kuroshitsuji, and hetalia. It's fine to add me as a friend. My mushroom-filled emo corner is rather lonely after all...

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poems Feeling the sparks
Published in Poems on 05/22/2012
stories ~Strange happenings~ An Akatsuki high school story {Part Thirteen}
Published in Stories on 05/14/2012
stories ~Strange happenings~ An Akatsuki high school story {Part Twelve}
Published in Stories on 05/13/2012
poems Mixed rhythm
Published in Poems on 04/22/2012
stories Writers' block
Published in Stories on 04/22/2012


Latest Journal Entry

July 30, 2010

Journal update 30/07/10

Gah! I've been so busy I haven't been adding to my journal.

Though not much to write about! :D

Started a 100 themes poem challenge (muahahahaha I get to choose the themes!!!! XD).

I'm gonna start writing more - especially since I've got into avatar, naruto and prince of tennis!!

Cya!!! <3

~ Candy

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Sep 21st, 2014

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