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"There are better things ahead than any we leave behind" - C.S. Lewis

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Hello, I like to write so I hope you like to read. Please enjoy and feel free to comment and critique anything you deem necessary :) I'm always open to suggestions

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quizzes The mistress -wwffy- part 2
Published in Quizzes on 07/15/2013
quizzes A twisted wwffy part 26
Published in Quizzes on 07/14/2013
stories The Not So Random Act of Disappearing CH. 3
Published in Stories on 06/30/2013
quizzes The mistress -wwffy- part 1
Published in Quizzes on 06/27/2013
quizzes A twisted wwffy part 25
Published in Quizzes on 06/27/2013


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June 28, 2013

I'm Back!!!!!

Hey guys so I'm back if you care and I've started a new wwffy and a story along with continuing my old wwffy, so I'll be hard at work this summer to get as much done as possible before school starts back up and I get busy :) yeah well... it's good to be back

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poems Saddest of Love Songs 07/14/2012
poems Forgive me, My Lord... 07/03/2011

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