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First Hi! i love to read (drawing too even if i suck) and wish to have wings. i'm more of a single wolf, but can't spell for my life. i love anime :), but think watermelon better at night.I love yaoi. cold nights are the best, panda bears are cute, and i kiss a vampire too. ;)

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quizzes Some Pics Hetalia
Published in Quizzes on 11/28/2013
quizzes some pics 34
Published in Quizzes on 11/28/2013
poems Crack Crack Cr.....
Published in Poems on 11/27/2013
poems One is Another
Published in Poems on 11/27/2013
poems Naive self
Published in Poems on 11/27/2013


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December 2, 2013


Happy Thanks giving ya'll

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quizzes Are you shy? 06/10/2013
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