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Can't write for squat xD

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Sherb here, aka Lost-chan's spirit twin. I can't write, or pretty much do anything. But hey, I'm crazy :DD

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stories Pickup Lines (HP Style) ~
Published in Stories on 12/17/2009
stories One Sentence Story Starters ~ Two ~
Published in Stories on 12/12/2009
stories One Sentence Story Starters ~
Published in Stories on 12/12/2009
stories 16 Things Girls Don't Notice ~
Published in Stories on 12/11/2009
stories Tea For Two ~
Published in Stories on 12/10/2009


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October 28, 2009

Update (5)

Greetings to whom ever it may concern. It's only right you are kept informed on everything ^_^
My stories are still currently on hiatus, and my phone's still in the bus station (or in someone's house), and I still haven't informed my parents. Hehe, not that they've mentioned it...

I have the crazy urge to write a Naruto story (mainly around the Akatsuki! Yaya!) :3 but I'm kinda stuck on the ideas, you see. I have 3 possible plots lined up, it's just actually getting around to writing them. They sound so much better in my head though, you see (like practically everything I say/think/do etc.) ^_^

Anyone want to hear my plot ideas? Because I'm willing to publish them if you want. Also, any ideas for my current stories on hiatus would be greatly appriciated, since I'm pretty much stuck on those :3

I also have the crazy urge to start some RP with people, if they want to, because I'm quite happy to RP with anyone. If they want to, of course. I highly doubt they do, but ah well. It's worth a shot, right? :)

Hope to here from any of you soon. I only actually have 2 people I talk to on here, and even they haven't replied in a while. I guess I'm just too much for you all, kukuku xD

Anyhoo, greatly appriciate your concern and willpower to read my rambling, ranting dribble drabble ^_^

Yours Sincerely,
CD (Does anyone else think of Sonic when they read that? No? Meh, guess not then...)


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