coolandironic's Favorites

coolandironic's Favorites
Type Title Author Published Rating

stories Bed Ridden ♤Ikki♤ edsasukeluva 06/21/2014 5.00
stories [1/2] Carnal Desires ღSubaru Sakamakiღ edsasukeluva 03/22/2014 5.00
stories Charming Prince [Prince Wilfred] BMP CRAZY.but.NOT.cute 02/02/2014 5.00
stories Not So Little Problem ⚤Haruka Nanase⚤ edsasukeluva 01/11/2014 5.00
stories Study Session ⊰Makoto Tachibana⊱ edsasukeluva 01/10/2014 5.00
stories Blossoming Love ❣Lavi❣ edsasukeluva 12/22/2013 5.00
stories ☼☼7 Minutes in Heaven☼☼ ╠Bertholdt╣ MizzGinger 12/13/2013 5.00
stories Tik Tok ⌚Amaimon⌚ edsasukeluva 12/13/2013 5.00
stories ℱιɼაʈ ℒℴѵℯ ⇨ sakamaki shuu DriftingClouds 12/04/2013 5.00
stories Bring on the Dare ♥Makoto Tachibana♥ edsasukeluva 11/21/2013 5.00
stories weaĸ ѕpoтѕ ; Hirato ShinoXx 11/14/2013 5.00
stories When the Free! Boys Are Happy...☺ EmeraldxDew 11/09/2013 5.00
stories Nowhere to Run ﹄Zero Kiryu﹃ xSalvatoreXPrincessx 11/01/2013 5.00
stories ╠Haruka╣ ☼☼Ꭲɨе Ƀгеακег☼☼ ╠Rin╣ MizzGinger 10/28/2013 5.00
stories ησт ƒσя ƒσяєνєя ↔ LEVI Heichou 10/19/2013 5.00
stories ✿ [Marigold] Reiner Braun ivornrose 10/09/2013 5.00
stories ☼☼Give In☼☼ ╠Rin Matsuoka╣ MizzGinger 10/07/2013 5.00
stories ☼☼Ꮤнιтe ℒιes☼☼╠Marco Bodt╣ MizzGinger 10/06/2013 5.00
stories ғυn-ѕιzed ; Tsukitachi ShinoXx 10/02/2013 5.00
stories No Ƒear Zone [Makoto Tachibana] xErzaScarletx 10/02/2013 5.00

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