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【because that's what I am. cool & ironic, desu.】 Jasmine/ Jas ● 19 ● Knight of Light ● Dragonborn ● speller of atrocious proportions ● animoo/mangos ● otome games ● k-popper/ k-dramas ● kinda-cosplayer ● cute boys ● cute girls ● Shingeki no Kyojin ● Diabolik Lovers ● Brothers Conflict ● Free! ● Karneval ● Kuroko no Basuke ● K ● tumblr: senpai-chan-kun-san

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stories this is not the beginning ; RIVAILLE/LEVI
Published in Stories on 03/22/2014
stories this is not the end ; RIVAILLE/LEVI
Published in Stories on 02/18/2014
stories in the underbelly ; RIVAILLE
Published in Stories on 01/28/2014
stories waking up ; MARCO BODT
Published in Stories on 12/20/2013
stories sleepy princess ; YOGI
Published in Stories on 12/15/2013


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January 28, 2014

not dead!


Hi everyone! First year college student coolandironic here! Sorry for my non-existant updates, I've just kind of lost my fanfiction writing muse, I suppose -- but, I'm not exactly sure what to do with this account anymore. College has really consumed my life, what with the fact that they aren't processing my financial aid. Which is awful because I can't afford this school to begin with and they're still making me pay the full tuition even though I only work 2 hours a weekday on 10 USD an hour.

So, yeah. Fun, fun, fun.

I'm not sure when I'll get around to, I can't make any promises, okay? Thank you for 130,000 profile views, though! And the amazing 3 years on this site! I'm not done here quite yet, so look out!

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Sep 30th, 2014

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stories Bed Ridden ♤Ikki♤ 06/21/2014
stories [1/2] Carnal Desires ღSubaru Sakamakiღ 03/22/2014
stories Charming Prince [Prince Wilfred] BMP 02/02/2014
stories Not So Little Problem ⚤Haruka Nanase⚤ 01/11/2014
stories Study Session ⊰Makoto Tachibana⊱ 01/10/2014

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