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we live to do a deed for god then die as if just a speck of dirt never to be seen or heard of again, and the only thing that binds us to the world is people that knew you..could be bad could be good, so what do you want to be remembered by?

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I love anime and all that jaz. anywho um... yeah thats all about me :P

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stories Suza KlutzXHikaru Twin=Love? Ch.6
Published in Stories on 01/02/2009
stories Suza KlutzXHikaru Twin=Love? Ch.5
Published in Stories on 12/29/2008
stories Suza KlutzXHikaru Twin=Love? Ch.4
Published in Stories on 12/29/2008
stories Suza KlutzXHikaru Twin=Love? Ch.3
Published in Stories on 12/28/2008
stories Suza KlutzXHikaru Twin=Love? Ch.2
Published in Stories on 12/27/2008


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October 26, 2007

Let your feeling out

what are you mad at and why write it down as a comment or if you want it more private make it a message to me. It will take a lift off your shoulders..... trust me.

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stories 28: I...Belong to a Vampire?! Thanks Dad 03/19/2009
stories I...Belong to a Vampire?! Thanks Dad 01/22/2009
stories oOIn love with a vampire king, and i thought high school was hardoO 12/24/2008
stories Bloody Love (Zero Kiryu love story)- intro 12/19/2008
stories Among Peace (a naruto story.) 12/11/2008

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