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I am a vegetable rights activist.

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I'm a crazy, music-loving, sorta nerdy girl, but most people just think I'm just a weird "Emo" girl. Emo is MUSIC! It's emotive hardcore, Baka! I LOVE anime and manga, my faves are Bleach, shugo Chara, and Sgt. Frog. I can't live without music, I'm listening to it as I write this, I love Black Veil Brides. I like cartoons, things like Adventure Time and Invader Zim. I like the Vocaloid people, I can even sing like them I can scream and sing like Andy Sixx too. I draw and write alot.

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quizzes would you survive the apocalypse
Published in Quizzes on 10/22/2011
quizzes a quiz of awesomeness and DOOM!
Published in Quizzes on 10/16/2011
quizzes do i think you're awesome???
Published in Quizzes on 10/12/2011
quizzes randomness!
Published in Quizzes on 10/09/2011
quizzes BURITOOOO! (random questions)
Published in Quizzes on 10/06/2011


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October 18, 2011

to all u haterz

got a message telling me that my quizez are bull crap. thnx 4 ur opinion but i don't give a blended rats @##, okay? I am insane, DEAL WITH IT.

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Sep 17th, 2014

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quizzes what shugo chara charactor r u? 09/11/2011

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