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Rember be true to yourself and be thankful for what you have for some people aren't as lucky as you.

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I love to write. I'm not sure if many of my stories are that good but my best friend sure likes my stories. Anyways if you want for me to write anything for you I would be honered But I will not write anything about Jrock or Anime Stuff but anything else I will.

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June 17, 2012

New JB story With musicrocksmyworld1618

Hey everyone it has been awhile since my last journal entry and that one wasn't even ment for this account anyways to all you Nick and Joe Jonas fans out there I am proud to introduce you to a new story that I'm going to be writing with my friend musicrocksmyworld1618 possibly you have read her stories before if you haven't then go check them out because they are amazing. So one day I had finished reading one of her stories and thought that it would be fun to write a story with her so I sent her a message and asked if she was interested which said she would love to so we began planning right away. So our story is called Double Jonas for now it might get changed so just keep an eye on both of our accounts for the first chapter which I'm writing anyways if you like it enough please send either one of us a message and rate it too. Thanks love you guys all.

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Sep 17th, 2014

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