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If you can't accept me at my W O R S T, you don't deserve me at my B E S T.

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Updated: January 23, 2012 KEEPING IN TOUCH: Mood: Bored. Reason for mood: I just woke up. School isn't for a few hours. lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am 17, I live in Nebraska. Message me and I will reply. I love japanese things, so I'm big on anime (romance and comedy)I love KH and making new friends.

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stories Russian Roulette (APH Russia Oneshot) {Alternate✳Version}
Published in Stories on 01/21/2012
stories Russian Roulette (APH Russia oneshot)
Published in Stories on 01/21/2012
stories తTaking Advantage (APH America/Alfred oneshot)త
Published in Stories on 01/15/2012
stories ♓Kalypso, the Zora (LoZ: TP Link oneshot)♓
Published in Stories on 01/15/2012
stories South Italy/Romano oneshot
Published in Stories on 01/12/2012


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January 26, 2012

Eh, maybe it's not the end, but I'm not making promises

Ellsabelle here.

I have been recieving better reviews on my stories so far. That makes me happy. However, just because they are better doesn't mean that they are where they should be. I'm still putting hard work into these, people. Oi, I'm not mad, just frusterated.

Anyway, if this place does fall, I've got an account somewhere else, so it won't be a problem. Aaaannnyway, I'm still publishing stuff, obviously. If anyone cares and wants me to stay, I seriously need reviews. If not, then...I guess I'm no longer wanted or needed here, but I understand.

I only have two more oneshots for my poll left to post and will get those up soon, hopefully.
And then I still have Guardian Angel,
Mystic Hearts,
As You Wish Master,
and Unbreakable Love.


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Sep 19th, 2014

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quizzes What Dragon Lies Within You? 03/14/2012
stories The Apple of His Eye [Greece/Heracles] 03/08/2012
stories Cafétalia! ♨ CLOSED!! 03/05/2012
stories ♨ Cafétalia! «Order No. 10» ShikamaruJaicey143♨ 03/02/2012
stories 05.《 I m ρ r i ɳ т i ɳ g ❤【England】 02/18/2012

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