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I'll be a team player when I'm paid like a pro athlete.

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I am a whimsical smartassed nomadic hermit. Which makes me weirder than thou. This is all you need to know. Oh, but I probably will have several things open at once, so if you have one you like best and want me to focus on it, poke me and tell me. --Emp

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April 17, 2013

When all you can do is screech at Nature

So I saved a baby bird today. Or so I thought. I found it on the porch all dazzed and sprawled but still breathing, put up a ladder, put on dusty garden gloves so as not to overly contaminate the thing with human smell, scooped the poor thing into my palm and climbed (one-handed!) high enough to reach the roof if I'd been at another point of the house. The nest is atop the porch lantern, y'see. I finally get up there and have a difficult time trying to get the bird actually back in the nest because its siblings were hogging the tiny space, but settled it more-or-less stably in a little niche and far from the edge. Meanwhile, during all this momma bird complained, but hadn't approached the baby every before we arrived (on an entirely different errand, involving cows). I felt like I'd accomplished something.

Yet for all that effort, a couple hours later the same baby had been pushed out again, and this time was dead. *sigh* -_- I know once a baby gets separated from the nest even briefly its chances are almost zero, and that sometimes fledgelings push their brothers or sisters out of the nest because there's no space, but that was still very depressing. If it was going to die anyway, I might as well have cuddled it and given it a little water or a mashed-up bug carcass.

I felt a little better later tonight, hearing a screech owl calling (the one that doesn't sound like actual screeching) since I don't usually get that.

Anywho, I am aware that the last few DFs are randomly missing. Do y'all want me to repost them, or not bother until I'm at least close to finishing 8? That's not gonna happen immediately, alas. I still have some catching up on coursework to do before I can properly set in again.

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Sep 15th, 2014

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