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To be normal is weird and to be weird is to be normal... so I guess I'll be weird!

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Okay. I got internet, I got my laptop, but quizilla is screwing me over. Alas, I can't have everything. If anyone looking at this can tell me how to deal with these problems but if not I'll have to go ask quizilla my self.

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stories Premonitions
Published in Stories on 08/18/2008
stories Kidnapped by Royalty
Published in Stories on 06/25/2008
stories The Unknown Uchiha Chapter 4
Published in Stories on 08/22/2007
stories The Unknown Uchiha Chapter 3
Published in Stories on 08/20/2007
stories The Unknown Uchiha chapter 2
Published in Stories on 08/18/2007


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September 7, 2008


Does anyone else have this issue? When I start typing my story I can't save more than two sentences at a time. And if I do so then, it says error in saving! Then when I finally post up the story, it's under the date I first wrote it! ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!! Soemone please help me! If anyone else has this problem please message me! Or at least let me know that quizilla hates my guts. Please help! I'm growing more and more frustrated at this god forsaken website!

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