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October 7, 2011

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[Icons: Persona 3, Persona 4 & Girls Generation]

Tagged by [ Yukiatsu ] !

Oi, I've never been tagged before... at least not on Quizilla. But it should be fun! ^-^

1) You must post these rules…OR PERISH! >:D

2) Each tagged person must write 10 things about them in their journal.

3) You have to choose and tag 10 peoplez!

4) Tell said peoplez you tagged.



1. I stand at a height of roughly 6ft. Yes, a little surprising... but true. I come from a tall family. And no, I don't play sports. X3

2. I'm a very, very, VERY... indecisive person. I contemplate a lot about the simplest decisions I make on a daily basis and over think things... which makes it that much harder on coming to a decision. .-.

3. My favorite show on ABC is Happy Endings. The characters and episodes are a-MAH-zing! Penny & Max are my favorite characters.

4. I know a lot of people prefer an English subbed anime and bash English dubbed animes... but honestly I generally prefer listening to English dub. If the anime is dubbed, I'm more likely to watch that so I won't have to constantly read the subtitles and glance back up at the screen to stare at the character's reactions or rewind if the text moves too fast for me to read it all. If it's not dubbed, I'll probably wait for it to be dubbed unless I don't feel like waiting and I'll watch it subbed.

5. I had a HUGE obsession with Tinkerbell merchandise. In high school, I always wore this black hoodie with Tinkerbell on the back of it. My friends/classmates always called me 'Tink'. Some would tease me and say things like: "If you wanna make this calculator work, you gotta sprinkle some fairy dust on it."

6. My favorite Sailor Senshi(s) are Sailor Jupiter & Sailor Uranus.

7. The first anime I was introduced to was Pokémon in the second grade. All the kids were trading Pokémon cards and putting them in the ground to pretend they were attacking each other. I remember saying how lame it was... and at 10 years old I was proven wrong when I received a Gameboy Color and Pokémon Yellow.

8. Lately, some of the animes I've watched that I've called my favorites... are no longer my favorites. Take Haruhi Suzumiya for instance. I watched the first season a few years ago and loooved it. I picked it up again recently and watched it... and I didn't even finish watching the 2nd episode before shutting it off.

9. When I was 5 years old, I cut off the tip of my index finger with a bike spoke. So technically, I've only got 9 3/4 fingers. Yes, I can still type, write, and yes... even poke people with it. XDDD

10. In animes, I tend to like the guys that are flirtatious, energetic, goofy, hot-headed, and sometimes flamboyant. ex: Kiba Inuzuka, Tamaki Suoh, Dark Mousy, Kyo Sohma, Shigure Sohma, Momiji Sohma.


And now, I shall tag –











And, whoever wants to do it as well ! (:


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