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{✿--;; my december sun is setting, please stay by me. || 14K metamorphoses~ Thank you!

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it me | twitter (satvrnal), tumblr (tinyplvnts), instagram (tinyplvnts) | tell me who u r tho | it was a rlly nice run but i suck as a human so its ok

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stories мσητ✦яσyαℓε :: нαρργ вιяτнδαγ
Published in Stories on 07/08/2013
stories ❣『 εη κυsjε мεεя 』gεямαηγ ||
Published in Stories on 07/04/2013
stories 《 f o r m 》• kamuidesu
Published in Stories on 07/02/2013
stories { FORM }❤ for edsasukeluva
Published in Stories on 07/02/2013
stories ① { SWEETS } ❁ sαsuκε uςhιhα
Published in Stories on 07/02/2013


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September 14, 2014

how long has it been?

this is alice. i'm obviously not returning, and quizilla's shutting down.
find me somewhere?

tumblr: tinyplvnts, satvrnal
instagram: tinyplvnts
twitter: satvrnal
8tracks: tendo akane
lets talk more ok ok

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Sep 16th, 2014

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