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Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm-Sir Winston Churchhill.... Oh hey check out my story! A lot of people say its epic! : D I think you'll like it!

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Hmm... About me well I like to read, draw, write and play sports. (Though haha not very good at them) Im creative,adventureous, brave and funny. I LOVE music! Im a fan of sonic, eragon and the lightning thief. Hey Check out my Story! A lot of people say its epic and I have to admit is Awesome!

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May 31, 2012


grrrr I cant belive it but my parents have grounded my from quizzlia and i cant do anything! im really soryy guys but it will b a while! I will really try hard to post and reply to your messages. Pepsicrazed... i will MISS you the most! Its so sad to find such a great friend like you and not b able to talk to you! *sniffs* Im really sorry guys....See ya later. : (

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