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"Bokura no ikiteiku sekai wa doku mo atte toki ni ai mo fumi ni jirareru. Soredemo saigo no hi aisareta koto mo omoi dase masu you ni." Uverworld - Zero no Kotae

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quizzes Who's your Naruto guy?
Published in Quizzes on 03/21/2008
quizzes Are You a Narutard?
Published in Quizzes on 12/31/2007
quizzes Are you as crazy as I am? (With random quotes in results!)
Published in Quizzes on 12/23/2007
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poems Dreaming of You
Published in Poems on 09/16/2007


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March 2, 2008

An Interesting Lecture from Dr. Bonnie

Enjoy the randomness. I'm a horrible camera person and I didn't feel like editing the videos. (Too lazy.) So, you guys will get the full experience. Warning: We're high school students with a video camera. Watch at your own risk.

I can't get the videos into the Journal post, so open a new window and copy and paste the pretty little links and click go.

First vid:

Second vid:

Bonnie, I love you. (In a friendly way, of course.)

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