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god loving big bang theory watching costa drinking waffle eating ukulele playing nerdfighting human being

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quizzes Moving On (wwffy) 22
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June 4, 2012

Ukuleles, Mayonnaise and Amsterdam

I GOT MA UKULELE XDDDD I couldalready play 11 chords within about 2 hours of owning it :')
(lol my mum just called twitter 'glitter')
I'm in Amsterdam atm and in a really biiiiiig hotel :3 It's huge o.o Like they even have these apple computers with massive screens that you can use for free. Only for 30 mins though... so I have limited time ;)
Alsoooooo I found where I want to live - Ypres in Beligium. For 3 reasons:
1) They have mayonnaise with chips. It's, like, normal there. I always have mayonnaise with ma chips but in England everyone thinks it's really weird D:
2) Belgium chocolate. omg it's amazing
3) Cats. They are completely obsessed with cats. Like, every chocolate shop we went past there were chocolate cats and everything. And they even have a cat festival O.o THIS PLACE IS SERIOUSLY WHERE I BELONGG XDD

That's pretty much it for what's going atm :3 Going to Anne Frank's house and such tomorrow :3 Hopefully it won't rain too much D:
Loves youu <3

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