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hale ;; a girl who doesn't know the definition of 'toyo', but likes to use it anyway ;; a dedicated Pokémon Master (in training) ;; a tumblr addict ;; a writer who writes just because she enjoys it. Any questions you have can be asked here: http://formspring.me/Haletoyo

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stories existence ▶ maeda keiji
Published in Stories on 10/02/2012
stories existence ▶ sanada yukimura
Published in Stories on 09/29/2012
stories spice it up!《Uzumaki Naruto》
Published in Stories on 02/22/2012
stories ʟет'ѕ ρʟау а ɡаме ❇【omgwutlulz】
Published in Stories on 02/01/2012
stories of all the possibilities. // prize form
Published in Stories on 01/13/2012


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May 24, 2013

i'm not dead. not yet, anyway.


So it’s, uh, been a while.

To be honest, I forgot I even had a Quizilla account for some time then I stumbled across a drabble I never finished in my drafts and went “oh right fanfiction. I did that.” Yeah. Right now I can’t say with certainty that I’ll be back. This site is a ghost town. It seems that way, at least. A lot of the people I talked to at one point are no longer here/have moved on to other things. Which is fine, no one sticks around forever.

Quizilla just lacks the appeal it (sort of) once had. I don’t want to say I’ve abandoned this site but—logging in feels like a chore at this point. Sad to say, but’s true.

If I ever decide to update, the only thing I’ll update are the SenBasa drabbles. Because that’s one thing I’d like to see get done.

I’m at other places; it’s not too hard to find me—not that I think anyone’s looking. But you know. I’m still around.


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stories 1⋮ ⊰ Forked Road ⊱ 06/10/2012
stories 四季 ☾ DATE MASAMUNE 06/05/2012
stories 四季 ❖ YUKIMURA SANADA 05/29/2012
stories ➹ Something About Ṳ And Ї ♥ Gareki (2/2) 02/02/2012
stories ➹ If Ї Can’t Have Ṳ ♥ Steven Stone (1/2) 02/01/2012

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