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Remeber Chastity Amelia Sumner

1183119315-sumner[1].jpgChastity Sumner - Age:7
A girl who loved life to the fullest. A girl who loved her family and friends. A girl who looked forward to activitiessuch as birthday parties and cookouts.
Many of the mourners were younger children, many who were likely her friends and classmates from school. Some wore pink and white ribbons for the memory of Chastity Sumner. Each were struggling to make sense of Chastity's death as the most sweetest girl who life has been taking by another.

**What Happen**
Chastity has been found killed in a water-filled ditch near her home. She was raped, beaten, and murdered by a man name, John Allen Manning Age:37. The man lived in the same home as Chastity did and her Grandmother Rose Sumner. Chastity was killed in, April 28, 2007 and she's only 7. The man had 2 children living with them and Chastity had sisters too and they were raped also by him and they had no help by no one cause of no one believe them at all. They told someone and they don't believe them cause they think their lieing, and now, the children are taking away from Rose and place with someone else.
Why should one sweet pure hearted life should be sacrficed for others to be happy and order for someone to believe them. Me and my mom went and visit her grave and we put Christmas decorations on flowers and told her Merry Christmas. And my mom said,
"She would've been home right now waiting for Santa Claus."
She is with God now, I know she's happy with him and sleeping peacefully that she is in Gods hands now, and she doesn't have to worry about beening hurt no more. Even I never knew her but Ican't believesomeone as young as her life has been taking for someons selfishness,and I still cry over her and I still visit her whenever I can.

Please remeber Chastity Sumner

Posted at 1:34 PM EST on Wednesday, December 24, 2008


@ 7:55 PM EST on Friday, December 26, 2008, DefenderOfMen said:

What a sad story.It saddens me but also angers me that no one would listen to her.It's horrible that it takes a tragedy like this to make someone believe.
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