hananiwa's Journal

January 14, 2009

Just finding out

Everyone this is Hana typing and here to say the I want people to rate or message me etheir way so I know not to delete a story and I'm confused if weather or not to continue. I ask now please rate or message to urge me to go on so only one thing I ask. So go to a last chapter I made you like and rate it or message me etheir way I'm cool with it. If the rate is lower then 3 rates I'm deleting the story and start a new one with some other character.
---Hananiwa--- PS:"Sorry if I sound so itchy I'm confused with stories as all."

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January 9, 2009

My Story Plan

Hiya everyone it's Hana, I wanted to tell everyone that I'm trying to even my story chapters so I won't be confused on which I'll make next. I going to even them up to 3 at first and then march to 7 where my Beyond Nightmaes is and then gofrom there. So be patient with me and when I'm finish that wave of stories I'll make,

-Rufus Shinra
-Vergil Sparda
-Yzak Joule
-Albert Wesker (Maybe)
-Winx Club (Own creation)
-Riku (Kingdom Hearts)
-Cedric Diggory
-Albel Nox

Yeah, I can't wait to make my Yzak story cause I have a good idea for it, COOL!!! For the others as well, it might look like I giving up on my stories but, oohh plueaseza like I would.

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January 7, 2009

My Confederate Story

Okay people, I want to tell everyone about my Female Confederate General Story that I made. It's not boreing like history book boreing, it's Hananiwa behind the sences, so the people who read my storiesshould know that I don't make things Zzzz. The story is like Mulan but Amelia becomes a General and dress herself like a boy to take her father's place in the war and she falls in love with a young Doctor name Rufus Maxwell who thought that the man he know as Shan Waynethe son of John Wayne is gay, so it's shorta funny if you look at it.:)

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January 5, 2009



-Name:Leon Scott Kennedy
-Personality:Sarcatic, sexy, strong, thnking of his job alot.
-Occ:FBI Agant and works for the president.

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January 5, 2009

The Confuseing World

Excuse me for the other entry, I mean't to say NOT to be comtroled, darn my eyes and there weakness. Well, I know everyone dosen't like the government cause they don't know how to run the world like they should. We should live like we want to (for the good people I mean). Why should we get the blame for what the bad people do, why do we need to hide from the truth that hides in the depts of this world? Their are so many questions in this world that has not yet to be answer to me, but when the time comes everyone will know. Dude, I'm so weird.


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January 3, 2009

A new world dawnning

Have you ever wander if there are other worlds out there besides this one? I have alot, I always want to go somewhere that has no mean people in it and freedom and peace is every where. I cry at times when I hear something terrible and I wish so bad to go to a world of Naruto, Gundam Seed, or anything like that. I'm a peaceful person and I love to have fun but what I want to be a fighter not a follower. People are not born onto this world to be controled, we are living beings that have dreams and hopes, and we should fight for the world on which we dream of living in. Would everyone love to see smiles and laughter on peoples faces so happy and carefree. so people could walk free, like water in a stream. I dream of a world of hope and peace and freedom. I hate fights and hatered, it brings the freedom and peace to a waste, we should not hate, lie, fight, or kill, we should cherish the thiings we have and care for the people around you. of course a war is at foot, that is called hatered and selfishness that someone is brain washing someone to believe a lie is a truth, and hurting someone is a terrible way to fight for something, if you want to fight for something, fight with words not with guns.

A heart is loving and careing
Guns are hate and anger
Which path will you chose?
A path of hope and peace
A path of hurt and pain


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January 1, 2009


I believe her, I'm trying to make sence out something to her and she always trying to make it sound like I'm trying to make stupid. No I'm not, she said, 'I'm Alex Ruso.' and I told her, 'Your not, you are you and only you.' then she told me, 'Shut up, you say your Lacus Clyne.' 'No, I said I like to be like her, not I'm her.' 'Shut up you Anime freak, you only have computer friends and not real friends and I do.'. That did hurt and it is true, I don't have no friends and I hate it when she rub it in my face about it. She always get my mom to get mad at me and makes it look like I'm the one who started everything, I have wishes and dreams while she has I wants and give me's. I love peace and quiet and she loves putting me down and dragging. I wish I go to another world and live there like The Naruto world or Destiny Islands. Sisters, who needs them.

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December 30, 2008

Lacus Clyne





My Idol, I look up to her. She's sweet, nice, honest, and a beautiful singer.

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December 30, 2008

I'm in Gettysburg for vacation....

I'm in Gettysburg and I'm long ways from home and I'm am in a haunting town full of historyand I might end up seeing a ghost....maybe not, me and my family is having fun and I'm have been joking around and picking on my dadand voice acting in a crazy way. I'm in a hotel that is build over a graveyard and I hope zombies won't pop out and start a new Raccoon City and that will be weird and cool at the same time. Well I'm tired and later.

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December 28, 2008

Here's more Anime guys YAY!!!

Pein__Akatsuki_Leader_by_Google123[1].jpgPein AKA Leader-Sama (Naruto)a387e159c404c0_full[1].gifYzak Joule (Gundam Seed)

1125864077_meBankotsu[1](2).jpgBankotsu (Inuyasha)

athrunzalaxk4[1].jpgAthrun Zala (Gundam Seed)

x2-shuyin-a[1].jpgShuyin (Final fantasy X-2)

Albel[1].jpgAlbel Nox (Star Ocean)

Thats some of them and I put more of them later.

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December 28, 2008

Anime Guys are sooo CUTE!!!

Alright, I want to show all the guys I like and love, and yeah I'm a Nerd so what, it's who I am, deal with,
--To the people who is againist anime!
200px-ChrisRedfieldRE5[1].jpgChris Redfield (RE::Derectors Cut, Code Veronica)

vergil3[1].jpg Vergil Sparda

150px-RenoFFVII[1].jpgReno Lynley

AC_rufus[1].jpgRufus Shinra

Well not all of them, my laptop has been mean and won't let put alot of pictures on there, but I'll post them some other time. ILOVEANIMEBOYS!!!

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December 27, 2008






The Akatsuki are the coolest and the badest, I really love Pein he is so COOL!!! I would love to join them and team up with Pein....who's Konan? Tobi is so cute and a hottie under the mask, but he isn't my type though.


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December 24, 2008

My catz

Okay, I would like to talk about my catz, I have 16 of them and their very spoild rotten.

1)Kilala--My first cat, now she 4 years old and she had 9 kids and she's a Calico a full flege.
2)Widdles--An orange Female that sounds like a tomcat when she meows and she had 5 kids.
3)Nero--A black and white malecat who looks like Hidan to me.
4)Mu Mu--A orange male is the spoildest from the whole bunch, he's fat, lazy, and weights a ton to me.
5)Sweetpea--A grey female cat who loves to play alot.
6)Fuzz Fuzz--A cute little fuzzy kitty *sqeal* he is so adoreible and he is a male and a black and white.
7)Midnight--A black kitten who is fuzzy to but not as fuzzy as Fuzz Fuzz.
8)Spazz--A dark calico who spat at everyone when she first opened her eyes.
9)Tinkers--A black and white female cat who is playful.
10)Selvester--A black and white male cat who is nosiy all the time.
11)Quag--A strange black and white malekitten who trun gery to black and don't ask me how he just did.
12)Kairi--Another dark calico who likes to sleep beside me *cute*
13)Kyo--A orange and white kitten who likes to spat at the mirror.
14)Koda--A orange kitten who always watching others play.
15)Pein--An orange malekitten who I'm trying to make a Akatsuki cloak for.
16)Ashes--A pure grey female kitten who is fat and acting like Mu.

Thats my catz, and I'm trying to keep them out of the house and they like a stanped when they run in the house but their sweet and cute. FUZZ FUZZ!!!!

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December 24, 2008

Remeber Chastity Amelia Sumner

1183119315-sumner[1].jpgChastity Sumner - Age:7
A girl who loved life to the fullest. A girl who loved her family and friends. A girl who looked forward to activitiessuch as birthday parties and cookouts.
Many of the mourners were younger children, many who were likely her friends and classmates from school. Some wore pink and white ribbons for the memory of Chastity Sumner. Each were struggling to make sense of Chastity's death as the most sweetest girl who life has been taking by another.

**What Happen**
Chastity has been found killed in a water-filled ditch near her home. She was raped, beaten, and murdered by a man name, John Allen Manning Age:37. The man lived in the same home as Chastity did and her Grandmother Rose Sumner. Chastity was killed in, April 28, 2007 and she's only 7. The man had 2 children living with them and Chastity had sisters too and they were raped also by him and they had no help by no one cause of no one believe them at all. They told someone and they don't believe them cause they think their lieing, and now, the children are taking away from Rose and place with someone else.
Why should one sweet pure hearted life should be sacrficed for others to be happy and order for someone to believe them. Me and my mom went and visit her grave and we put Christmas decorations on flowers and told her Merry Christmas. And my mom said,
"She would've been home right now waiting for Santa Claus."
She is with God now, I know she's happy with him and sleeping peacefully that she is in Gods hands now, and she doesn't have to worry about beening hurt no more. Even I never knew her but Ican't believesomeone as young as her life has been taking for someons selfishness,and I still cry over her and I still visit her whenever I can.

Please remeber Chastity Sumner

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December 22, 2008


I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!
-Hana:"Hey Pope Hoe Merry Christmas."
-Pope:"Bah Humbug."
-DOM:"Wrong answer." *we both took out a Chritmas Tree and slap the Pope with it them and he went flyingback where he belong and me and DOM laugh and we said,*

-Both:"Ah HA, take that Pope Hoe."

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December 21, 2008



To HOT to touch WOO HOO

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December 20, 2008


Alright, right now I'm thinking of.....IT'SHAPPY BUUNY!!!! He's so funny and sarcastic it's crazy. I'm a big fan of them cause their honest. Heres are some ppictures of them.


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December 18, 2008

Memories are funny

You know memories are funny but not when it happens and it is? Trust me it happens alot to me, I put down some memories that I remeber.

-The Funnyest Moment-
I remeber when I was praticeing for graduration and the teachers told us to behave and stay quiet, so the 2nd day for pratice there is a courus that goes up and sing and to me everything was going cause if it weren't, I'll wouldn't be bored. My mom was there and she helping out with the cap and gowns helping with colours and watching the pratice. Okay, what happen is that after the courus sanged they were going back to there seats and it was so quiet til a sound of a fart came off and I was like O.O. The teachers heard it and said, "Who did that?" then a boy who place a woopie cousin under a singer stood up and said, "I did it." while holding up the woopie cause he got it back,. So the teachers said, "Bring it up here." So he started to walk to the stage and there was a boy who said, "Hey Jay, hold it up high andproud." and I saw the teachers, they are mad. Don't worry, he gradurate. And now I still laugh at it.

-The Most MadestMoment-
One day I spend a day with my brother and he is a Rebel cause in a war againist the Rebels and Yankee's, we have family that was on both sides cause 3 were tooking as prisoner for the Yankee's and force to fight with them, and 1 is a proud Rebel...Okay, what happen is that my brother has a friend that hunts and I hate his guts cause everytime he hunts he does something that I told him not to and I told him that if he keeps on I'll strangle him... So I was playing Grand Theif Auto and I heard someone say, "Hey Toot's." I trun my head and screamed cause that moran is holding a deer head beside me and I was so mad, I jumped on him and starting to choke him and my brother try to take me off of him but I was to strong (yeah, I'm stronger then my brother) I did let him go and henever done it again. Okay, I love animals, but my brother wears a stupid shirt that says, 'There is one place for God's creatrures...and that is next to the mash potatos and gravy', and for that I kick his but.

I'll put more down some other time, later.

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December 17, 2008

What's with this???

Okay, I know most about everyone in the world loves christmas and love the being with there family. But what I don't understand is there's is a county near where I live at can't have Christmas Trees cause it has the name Christ in it. Yeah it dose, Christmas is when baby Jesus is born under the norhtren star which means it's on top of the tree and the gifts means the gifts that the 3 wise men gave to Jesus. Iblame it on the otherrelegionslike the pope he is a maigrian to me and I know where he could put his hat but it's not pleasent, so HA HA HA. Why sould we give up something that we love for someone elses happiness cause they don't believe in our God, I mean, people need to just leave truditions alone and stop making people sad. I'm mad cause I like PUTTING UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!! Geez, the pope is stuck on hisself....I HATE HIM!!! Excuse me *sigh* I'm glad that we can put up CHRISTmas trees in our county and I like peeping at my presents...I'm sorry for my little outburst but I'm a Christian, I'm been saved 2 times and I'm a Rebel so I'm loud...

Thats all for now later

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December 16, 2008

Hana's Thoughts About Stuff


Okay, I just love this picture, it's so Kawaii (Cute)
Okay, in this I'll tell everyone how I feel about stuff, and trust meI'm one honest person and I tell the truth even if it hurts or not. I lived my life though ups and downs and hard times to the good and that peolpe is why I'm a good advisor and I always helping people out and I make sence out of stuff to. I sometimes joke around and just act sarcastic, thats who I'm am, people likes me cause I'm a easy person for them to talk to and not only that I'm a teachers pet ^-^, Okay HAHA I'm am a teachers pet and I don't see nothing wrong with that, it's fun having teachers liking you and they let you get less work, depending on who's your teacher is. Music to me is great, I love to listen to rock & roll,fun and soft music, and I think music really like sound tracks from DMC, FF7-13, gundam seed, and Kingdom Hearts, and I really think music is something people could show how they think andfeel inside. Okay, thats enough for me, Bye

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