hlanghan4w8's Journal

January 31, 2012


A FARMER, who bore a grudge against a Fox for robbing his poultryyard, caught him at last, and being determined to take an amplerevenge, tied some rope well soaked in oil to his tail, and setit on fire. The Fox by a strange fatality rushed to the fieldsof the Farmer who had captured him. It was the time of the wheatharvest; but the Farmer reaped nothing that year and returnedhome grieving sorely.

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December 26, 2011


A Halloween jokeWhat happened to the girl who wore a mouse costume to her Halloween party?The cat are her!A ghost jokeHow do ghosts keep fit?By regular exorcise!A cannibal jokeWhat did the cannibal make of her new friend?A hotpot!A ghost jokeWhat trees do ghouls like best?Ceme-trees!A cannibal jokeWhy did the cannibal have a hangover?He went to a party and got stewed!A ghost jokeWhy are graveyards so noisy?Because of all the coffin!A vampire jokeWhy did the vampire baby stop having baby food?He wanted something to get his teeth into!

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