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When life throws you lemons, make lemonade. Then make profit out of it and use the money to go buy cookies.

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About Me

Girl. A random girl with hopes of becoming a future author. Call me Kurie. Watches; Vampire Knight, Pokemon, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fairy Tail, One Piece, & AAA. Suffers from brief periods of hyperactivity and short-term memory loss. Anti-social, as stated by Mom. Has a bad habit of swearing. Unable to consist of patience. One of the most clueless people on the planet. Doesn't care about what other people call her. Loves her friends and family. Awh, she loves you too~ ♥ x3 Also chocolate, just saying. /m/

Latest Journal Entry

June 18, 2011

Okay, I lied.

I'm not exactly completely leaving this account.

I'm so attached ♥

._. *stares around*

Okaaay. So anywho, no fanfictions, or anything related to that what-so-ever on this account. Just poems, quizzes, MAYBE SOME oneshots and polls.

:D *smiles brightly*


*smile disappears*

My cousin made me run 37 freaking laps around a whole field. Non-stop. In a full sprint. Some of you may be able to do that, but I was once (twice, thrice) described as unfit and lazy.

Heck, I believed them. I don't care if I play basketball. I'm lazy, that's true.

And Aika, J.Y, remember my moms brownies?

You know how much I hate those brownies?

Aika, I somehow remember you and Mizu sneaking a bunch away and eating them from other people's plates and all.

But seriously, I hate her brownies.

Anywho, the brownies my aunt made...

Left me sliding down a rainbow 0: ♥♥

It had a caramelly taste~~ With real chocolate and all~~

WITHOUT nuts!!! O: TwT

So, anywho, I wanted to say i love you all.

And iCHoCoLatte (I'm talking to my account)

Don't ever get the feeling that I hate you~! *hugs own account*

Anywho, sayonara~!

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Sep 23rd, 2014

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