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Hi, I'm Ashton, and I love Victorious. It comes on Nickelodeon pretty much every day, and I have seen every episode, heard every song, and know everything there is to know about it! I llooooovveee to sing! I can sing all day! It is the best! And I have a gift for writing, but this website takes so long to load, I can't get much done so that is why the stories end suddenly, sorry about that. Anyway so read ya later.

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lyrics Same Ole Tricks
Published in Lyrics on 09/10/2011
lyrics Same Ole Tricks
Published in Lyrics on 09/10/2011
stories Victorious Episode Three
Published in Stories on 08/25/2011
lyrics Make It Shine
Published in Lyrics on 08/21/2011
stories Victorious Episode Three
Published in Stories on 08/21/2011


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September 5, 2011

Romantic Me... *sighs dreamily*

Guess what? I'm up to going upstairs from watching my DVR recorded episode of my favorite TV show... Victorious! And its my fav old Season one volume one episode... well one of them. The reason that it is even on my list of favorites is because of Beck's smile after Tori sucks up Sinjin's T Shirt in the Turbo Sucker thing. OMG it melts my adorable lovable heart... awww dont you just fall in love with him!?That crinkly eyed adorable smile/ precious time stopping grin. OMG I LOVE YOU BECKETTE OLIVER A.K.A. AVAN JOGIA!!!! YOU ARE SOOOOOO HOT!!!!P.S. Id love to make out with you any possible day! [OMG I was typing dreamily to Avan Jogia not to fellow readers and quizilla people! Half of you guys are girls and if there is one thing you need to know about me, I am NOT gay!!!]Damn it now Im stressed instead of romantic! And I was loving that melted-heart feeling inside of me!! I love that feeling, you know, when you see something, usually and most likely someONE that is absolutely heart breakingly beautiful, and you just want to hold that something or someone, to comfort the person or cherish the thing. Aaww... I love that feeling! Oh my gosh I need to stop writing this P.S. note! It may be longer than the original journel entry!!! Anyway, thanks for tuning in to a little bit and piece of my day!! Its great to have an audience like you guys who like to read what I write . . . well, actually type, my hand would fall off if I wrote all of this in the amount of time it took to type it!! LOL!Sincerely, Ashton Grace

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