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Gone to war, Im going to stand in the field and let the bullets rain down on me.

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Umm, Im not dead.

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stories A forbidden love and perfect Revenge.
Published in Stories on 08/03/2012
stories My memories of Friends and family!
Published in Stories on 07/06/2012
stories Mr. Blue Chapter 2
Published in Stories on 06/18/2012
stories Fallen angels 3
Published in Stories on 06/12/2012
stories Mr. Blue Chapter 1
Published in Stories on 06/05/2012


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March 21, 2013

Sky its me, please please please think about it.

You know me sky you do. I mean honestly you can tell when its me if you focus. No one else sounds like me my dear, no one rambles like me hello! You know its me you just dont wanna belive it my dear. You'd know you lil red anywhere, wouldnt you blueberry? :)

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Sep 18th, 2014

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stories The Legion (preview) 07/31/2012
poems Two worlds... 07/02/2012
lyrics Stacy's mom 06/27/2012
stories Lust not love.... I think. 04/12/2012
stories Lust not love.... I think. BANNER!!!!!! 04/10/2012

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