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that extremly embrassing moment when you yell at a random driver to get off the phone and yu realize that the person driving the car with you is on the fuckin phone :?

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my name is katlyn. want to know more? message me. im a pretty fuckin open person and ill answer just bout anything. (For Guys... those questions have a line. dont fuckin cross it) also im single :/

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February 29, 2012


I'm tired of dreaming.
I'm through with trying.
Tired of living, yet scared of dying.
Maybe things are good for you,
but look at all that I've been through.
Look at all the pain I've won.
I bet you think that it's been fun.

You never thought I'd turn away.
You never believed you'd see this day.
Look again cuz here I go
leaving behind all I know.

Changing it all as I must do.
Not daring to stop & think things through.
Wanting to run as fast as I can,
not stopping until I understand.

Like why did I let things get this way?
Why didn't I leave yesterday?
How are things going to be,
since there is no more you & me.

fuck guys (no thank you)
i love the way they lie
the way they make you feel like you're the only girl they love
hoes....bitches...sluts....FUCK YOU
you put theHO in HOmewrecker!!!!

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quizzes Are all the boys begging for you? 02/20/2012

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