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Hey there My fellow americans japanese spanish... PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD!! Just message me if you want help or adivce!

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Yesterday is the past. Today is the present. Tomorrow is the future.

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poems Last words
Published in Poems on 01/28/2013
stories Diffrent place.
Published in Stories on 11/08/2012
poems Take flight
Published in Poems on 11/02/2012
poems A Angel Half Demon
Published in Poems on 08/03/2012
stories The short cut.(short story.)
Published in Stories on 07/29/2012


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July 1, 2012

Better than before!

Wow last time i've seen myself......I was sad.. BUT I'M HAPPYYYYY

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Sep 30th, 2014

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quizzes 7 Minutes In Heaven-Black Butler Style 05/26/2012
quizzes what Dr. Seuss character are you? 03/27/2012
quizzes What video-game suits you? 02/07/2012
quizzes What animal lies within your soul? 02/04/2012
quizzes What do the Invader Zim characters think of YOU!!!!! 01/17/2012

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