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Hey people im kasumi accidichi...^_^

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Jun 22nd, 2011
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hey first im verry hiper, violent, random, kinda a loner, wants friends, wanna be able to have fun in life, and also i love naruto shippuden, death note, vampire knight, and soul eater. hope you like my storie's and quizzes ^_^" oh yeah for anyone who reconises me i used to be kasumiaccidichi123 i cant login to my other acount for some reason... so i made a new one...^_^

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stories sorakakure(village hidden in the sky)3(continued)
Published in Stories on 07/08/2011
stories mature eyes only
Published in Stories on 07/04/2011
stories sorakakure(village hidden in the sky)3
Published in Stories on 07/02/2011
stories info on mizu tenshi in sorakakure(village hidden in the sky)
Published in Stories on 06/23/2011
quizzes are you like me? can we be friends?
Published in Quizzes on 06/23/2011


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July 8, 2011


i have now just added my continuation to sorakakure village hidden in the sky ^_^ i hope everyone likes it <3imagesCARYQH2E.jpgsigned, gabriella

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