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Seems like every fan I have has left me. Huh, so much for coming back into open arms. ~Thanks for 6000+ views!~

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Call me Kaze. I'm a Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Toradora!, Lucky Star, Kingdom Hearts, Gakuen Alice, Soul Eater, Full Metal Panic!, Bamboo Blade, Ouran High School Host Club, Black Butler, Hetalia, Vocaloid, Yotsuba, Koisuru Boukun, Loveless, Paradise Kiss, Azumaga Daioh, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Deathnote, Rideback, Samurai Champloo fan. I love anime, apparently. That's basically all you need to know... Kaze.

Latest Journal Entry

August 28, 2011

So Much to Do...

Man... I have school on Tuesday. Wow, this summer was nice.

Also in the news-- a hurricane swept through my tiny town. No flooding on my lane, but there are a ton of fallen branches. Sad thing is that my dad wants me to clean them up. I don’t wanna... There are too many spiders...



Nii-sama Is So Dead When I Get Home!: On hold. No clue when I’ll start it up again. Maybe when there are more views?

Sakura Melody: Working on this slowly but surely. Hoping more people will read it-- I love this story.

Drabbles: I’ll work on when I haven’t uploaded for awhile. Like a Bleach filler.

Please Be Prompt!: I forgot where I was going with this... Oops...

I’ll also be posting a boyxboy romance out of boredom. I only have two chapters done though...

Hopefully I’ll remember to update.


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Sep 22nd, 2014

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