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Vampire's are nothing but beasts in human form, and i hate the fact that I'm becoming just like those filthy creatures.-Zero Kiryu

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HEYYY UMM well nothin much to know bout me umm my favorite color is yellow then blue then red I LOVE Anime. My favorite anime right now is Vampire knight(IM A ZERO FANGIRL!!!! YEAH ZERO KYAAAAA!!!) then inuyasha( INUYASHA IS ALSO MINE NOOO BODY ELSE CAN HAVE HIM!!!) and well yeah i bet u dont care right ohh well BYE!

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June 22, 2012


Finally- after a full month-- and some extra days-- I finally got Could this be love out. Turns out I didnt really need the namein this chapter. But definately in the next one 'cause that's when I'm gonna start following the storyline. I might not have every event but definately--Aidou biting Yuuki(cause Aidou's in it!)Saint Xcolotl's dayIchijou's BirthdayThe ball! And then that's pretty much it for season one.Of course that's the future! I might add some things so if you have any ideas message me!^Sorry for the terrible grammer, I'm tiredddd^

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Sep 22nd, 2014

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