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Just a lazy, kindled spirit roaming the depths of this social media site. Please ignore these abrupt symptoms of narcolepsy, for she lacks the attention-span of a normal human being due to chronic brainfarts. She enjoys sleeping and caffeinated beverages dowsed with a healthy dose of Irish creme. She likes laughing and crude humor. Sexual innuendo is a glorious thing, too.】】 Kimberly Ann. 17. German/Filipino】】tumblr: artistic-nonsense; lunaescence: Tiramisu

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July 9, 2014

Home Away from Home;; IMPORTANT NEWS!!

Guys, I have made the permanent decision to relocate onto “Guards of the Vanguard” for updates on my fan-fiction. Unfortunately, Quizilla’s server is loading at a heart-diseased tortoise pace, and I am literally screaming at the swirling circle to hurry up! Although I am not very fond of switching websites (I’m still trying to horribly adjust to the new crowd T.T), my heart still bleeds for Quizilla--- y’know, despite all the bugs and formatting scares…

However, I will STILL be active on Quizilla, only to respond to messages.

In regards to my account on Lunaescence, Tiramisu, my stories that I’ve submitted for validation are forever lodged into the buttcrack of the queue (the hellhole of stories scrambling for a mod to accept for publication), so in terms of that, I’ll be waiting. Forever. Like how I wait for this stupid journal page on Quizilla to load.

Sorry, guys. My patience is comparable to a grain of sand.

Anywho, you can find me on GOTVG as KindleSpirits! I have posted a new Katekyo Hitman Reborn story, and I will be continuing my “Swimming for DUMMIES” story as well! In a quick synopsis of this KHR story titled “Internment Camp”, the anime is lodged into a realistic mafia world, so when the reader is held captive, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. There is violence, rape, torture, etc., so this story will be more advertised to the adult audience. *shrugs* I had this idea running in my head for the longest time, so please check it out! I’ve posted three chapters already!

In regards to my contest (wow… lol… that), I’ll be sending out messages to the contest winners and posting their prizes on GOTVG.

That’s all, folks! So sorry for the abrupt departure, but it is what it is!

Here is a link to my new account:

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Sep 20th, 2014

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